Wood Chips and Brush Chipping Near You in Macon, Ga

After any kind of tree removal or stump removal process, we get bits of woods and logs from the trees. You might wonder if we do anything with those bits and chunks of woods. Well, there are a lot of things to do using woods and logs. We don’t waste the remaining parts of trees, these bits of woods and logs can be very useful.

To make use of these woods and logs, we make wood chips and do brush chipping. Tree Care MG provides all kinds of wood chips and brush chipping services. After tree cutting, we collect logs and woods to bring it back to our nursery where we work on them.

What Are Wood Chips?

Wood chips are pieces of wood that we collect after tree removal. These pieces of wood are shaped and trimmed for other uses. Wood chips can be used for many purposes, here are a few of them.

  • Wood chips are very good for mulch. Wood chips help plants to suppress their growth and stay warm. Keeping wood chips on your garden bed can make it look beautiful as well keep the plants safe.
  • Wood chips are nutritious for soil. They contain strong carbon which helps the soil to grow healthy plants and keep them safe.
  • Wood chips can be used to decorate plants and also used for pieces of art. Wood chips can make your yard look great and you can make many kinds of decoration pieces out of wood chips.
  • If you have heard about cooking using charcoal, adding wood chips to the charcoal makes it more powerful. Adding wood chips in the fire makes it more intense, for example, you can add wood chips in a bonfire.

These are just a few uses of wood chips but there are many more useful purposes.

What Is Brush Chipping?

Brush chipping is very beneficial to us for keeping our yard and ground safe. Many people like to do brush chipping after tree removal. Tree Service companies like us provide the brush chipping service after tree removal service.

Brush chipping involves chipping the wood chips on the ground using a machine. Brush chipping helps to treat dirt on the ground around plants, keeping the environment clean. It makes the ground look beautiful as well.

Tree Care MG Wood Chips And Brush Chipping Service:

After any kind of tree removal or stump grinding service, we ask our customers if they want to keep the remains of the woods and logs. If they want to use the bits of woods for brush chipping, we help to chip the woods using our chipping machine.

If our customers have nothing to do with the remains of their trees, we clean everything and collect all the bits of woods and logs. We bring the collected remains to our nursery and work on them by trimming and shaping the good pieces of wood.

We keep the big pieces of logs to make plant shelves and pots. The other little pieces of wood are used for making chips and tiny wooden decorations. Our Tree Nursery Macon GA is decorated with the remains of trees that we cut.

Trees are very valuable and we shouldn’t waste them. Even if we cut down trees, we can use the remains for many wonderful purposes. Our company tries to do more than just taking care of trees.

Services, activities, practice we are always working on everything to make the environment better. You can visit our nursery to take a look at how we make use of wood chips. We are here to provide you brush chipping service as well, you can contact us for more information.

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