Tree Trimming and Pruning With Care

Tree trimming and pruning is one of the best services provided by Tree Service MG. We use proper methods and techniques to trim and prune trees safely. We have specialists who have proper knowledge of how to trim and prune the trees correctly!

What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Pruning Trees?

Some people get confused between trimming and pruning trees. It is important to know how they are different from each other.

Tree trimming is a procedure to remove overgrown branches, leaves, or stems from trees for its betterment. Sometimes overgrown branches and stems can prevent a tree from growing or getting enough sunlight and moisture from nature. To help the tree grow, it should be checked and trimmed correctly. Trimming a tree helps it to grow better. Many of our customers chose our Tree Trimming Macon GA service and they were satisfied with our work. 

Tree pruning on the other hand involves removing or cutting decayed, infected, and dead branches. Dead or infected branches can be harmful to the tree and it might start infecting the whole tree if they are not removed. Tree pruning is similar to tree trimming but it focuses on removing the bad parts from the tree. Tree Pruning Macon GA service is provided by our company to help the infected trees to flourish and grow nicely.

When Should You Trim Or Prune Trees?

Before trimming or pruning trees it is important to know when the right time is. Trimming and pruning trees at a bad time might not let the trees grow healthy. The best time to trim or prune a tree is during late autumn and early spring because that is the best growing season.

Winter is a bad time to trim or prune trees because that is the dormant/inactive period. If you find dead branches or broken limbs on your trees, you can cut them off immediately.

Choose the best time to trim or prune your trees if you want the trees to have a healthy life cycle. Tree surgeon Macon GA is a team of tree specialists who have proper knowledge about any kind of information related to trees.

How To Prune Or Trim Trees?

Removing, cutting, trimming and pruning are similar procedures but each of them has different purposes. Hence each of them requires different techniques.

Trimming trees can be very easy if you know the proper method. Even though it’s easy, it’s a careful job because doing it the wrong way can be harmful to the tree. Here are some steps for how our experts trim and prune trees-

  • Examine the trees: Before trimming, it is essential to examine the trees to figure out the overgrown stems or branches. The infected ones are examined carefully to know which branches have gone bad, cutting the wrong branch might even kill a tree. Our tree surgeons or doctors examine the trees.
  • Using the correct equipment: We use different kinds of equipment such as pruning shears, pole pruners, loppers, etc to trim or prune the trees. Each of them is used for different types of branches or stems.
  • Cutting the right way: The best way to trim or prune without harming the tree is by cutting it from the top (not the root). We start cutting from the top and check where the collar of the trunk is. The collar is where we stop as cutting it deeper might harm the tree and kill it. 

Different trees require different trimming or pruning techniques. Thin branches and stems are very easy to cut but the thick ones are quite difficult. Tree Nursery Macon GA consists of several kinds of trees where our team spends a lot of time to grow them and take care of them. This has helped us more to become experts in maintaining trees.

Tree Care MG is always available and ready to treat your trees. Customers are free to know about anything related to trees by contacting us. Our tree surgeons and doctors are available to help the customers.

You can reach us anytime, check out our contact page on this website for contact details. We are here to help you out!

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