Stump Grinding Service With Our Skilled Hands in Macon Ga

Stump grinding is a part of the tree removal process. Tree removal service in  Macon GA involves stump grinding as the last step of tree removal.

Why Do You Need Stump Grinding?

Some people think stump grinding is not necessary as the remains in the ground is not an issue once the tree is removed. But in some cases stump grinding is very important:

  • If you want to build something on an area or space where trees got removed, you have to remove the remains as well to get a smooth surface.
  • After removing a tree, if you don’t want any plants or trees in that area anymore, you have to stump grind the ground. Sometimes the remaining roots inside the ground can start growing and grow other plants or fungus.
  • Not grinding the stumps of a tree can cause diseases. The remaining roots of a tree start decaying and sometimes tree diseases can spread all over the ground. This will infect the other trees on that same ground.
  • If you want to plant a new tree after removing one, you cannot do it unless you remove the stumps by grinding. If you try to plant a tree over the remaining roots of another tree, it might not even grow. The new tree could be infected with disease or might even die.

Difference Between Stump Grinding And Stump Removing

Some people get confused between stump grinding and stump removal. They seem similar but are two different methods.

Stump grinding involves grinding the stumps to smooth the surface.Stump removal involves removing every stump or remains off the ground. No bits of stumps are supposed to be left behind after the removal.

Types Of Equipment That We Use

Some people try to remove stumps by digging themselves or taking out chunks off the ground. Such a procedure cannot remove the remains of a tree. Stump grinding is easy using machines. We use stump cutters, mattocks, and stump grinders.

  • Stump grinders are usually big machines, designed like a truck to dig in the ground. We use the stump grinder machine to remove big stumps that are a little stubborn.
  • Mattocks and stump cutters are hand tools. These hand tools are used to cut and dig small stumps or remains of the trees.

Steps For Stump Grinding

  • Before we start the procedure we examine the entire area and check if it’s safe. Any animals or useful things in that area should be removed before the grinding process.
  • We clean lose mud, grasses, or rocks from the surface of the ground or stump area. We use shovels and mattocks to clean the area. Rocks can damage the grinder wheels or even injure someone during the process.
  • At first, we cut the stump that is stuck on the surface. It is not necessary to use the stump grinder to cut the top portion of the stump. We use chainsaws to cut it off.
  • Finally, when we are about to start the grinding machine, we position the wheel on the exact edge of the stump area and drive it in for about 2 to 3 inches.
  • We repeat the same process slowly and carefully until all the stumps are clear.
  • After grinding we cover the area with soil and clean all the bits of wood and mud that scatter all over the place.

The stump grinding process can be a little messy but we make sure to clean everything up. Most services do not usually clean and sometimes they might even leave the stump woods behind. Our service includes cleaning without any additional charges.

We at Tree Care MG believe it is our responsibility to make the place as fresh and clean as before. We want our customers to be happy with the environment after any kind of service.

Is Stump Grinding Expensive?

Stump grinding is not expensive but stump grinders are expensive. Running a stump grinder is not everyone’s cup of coffee. It’s better to call for a service and get it done by professional people. Our stump grinding service is cost-friendly and we have experienced people to do the job.

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