Cabling and Bracing Service at Reasonable Price!

Other than trimming or cutting trees, Tree Care MG also provides cabling and bracing services for trees. Cabling and bracing are the two most regular types of auxiliary help for trees. 

What Is The Difference Between Cabling And Bracing Trees?

 Cabling and bracing trees both involve adding structural support to a tree. Cabling involves putting cables in trees to protect its structure. On the other hand, bracing involves adding braces to the tree.

Why do we need to cable or brace trees?

  • To prevent structural defect:

    Trees sometimes can have structural flaws. It might start to bend or might have weak limbs. To protect the tree from falling or breaking limbs, people add cable and bracing to trees.

  • Restoration:

    Sometimes trees are harmed during storms which cause the other trees to face trouble. The other trees might be unsafe during storms. To protect them, we add cables and braces which keep the trees stiff and strong.

How To We Cable And Add Bracing To Trees?

We have all kinds of tools and equipment for the different procedures of taking care of trees. To cable trees, we use steel cables and install them in the trees. Bracing involves planting a hole and putting it correctly without making it too tight. The tightness can harm and hurt the tree.

To know more about cabling and bracing trees, you can call or send us an email. Check out our contact page for the details.

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