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What Is Our Company About?

Tree Care MG company was founded 25 years ago but the company got success in very little time because of the excellent services. It is one of the most trustworthy companies to provide environmentally friendly service.

This company was established by some tree specialists who joined together to serve a part of the nature. Each member of the team was chosen carefully after examining their knowledge and experience in maintaining trees.

About Our Tree Nursery

The team members of Tree Care MG are all experts who have great experience in doing any kind of work related to trees. There are four tree doctors and surgeons who are professional and they are always available at Tree Nursery in Macon GA. Tree Nursery Macon GA was built by the company’s owners.

The tree nursery is quite helpful for the new members to learn more about trees have better experience in maintaining trees. Tree Nursery Macon GA consists of more than 300 kinds of trees and plants. Kids from different schools have visited our nursery to explore and learn about trees.

Our Goal

The goal of this company is not only to perform tasks but also to create changes. Our great services such as Tree removal Macon GA or Tree trimming Macon GA are always open to people who call out for help. We like to work in forests or any area if we discover the trees need help. Taking care of nature is our first choice.

Cleanliness, correct methods, right equipment, satisfying customers are what we keep in our minds to reach the peak. One of the best things about our company is that we make sure to work in a very clean manner. Customers appreciate it when they get a clean and smooth service.


Tree Care MG has worked with other organizations for campaigns and other projects as well. We try to reach out to eco-friendly projects and campaigns that influence to love nature. Our company has worked with schools and colleges at their eco-friendly shops and projects.

Tree Care MG has been trying to help out people with maintaining their trees and also giving them proper ideas about taking care of trees. We have a free call service to customers who want to know any kind of information about trees from our tree surgeons. This idea has attracted a lot of customers since the beginning.

Each of our team members is eligible to perform any kind of task for trees, but we always choose the best one for a suitable service. The main members are working since the beginning, and the new ones are given training and exams before they become perfect for the job.

Our company ensures safe work with great care for maintaining trees. Making each of our customers happy is like an achievement for our company. We try to provide the best service at less cost.

For us, profit is not a priority. Our priority is nature, and all the efforts we can put to take care of it

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