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Looking for professional and environmentally friendly tree care and maintenance service in Macon, Georgia? Try us! Tree Care MG provides the best service for maintaining trees in your area. We have tree specialists and experts to help you maintain trees with proper professional care.

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About Us

Tree Care MG is a tree maintenance service company to take care of trees in residential areas as well as the surrounding areas. We have an expert team that has the proper knowledge and experience of maintaining and taking care of trees. We provide tree services and carry out the tasks in a very clean and environmentally friendly way in Macon, Ga and surrounding areas.

Why should You Choose Us?

The goal of our company is not only to carry out tree services, we try to do the best to keep our mother nature safe and clean. We use the best machines and equipment to treat the trees. We have specialized doctors and experienced workers to take of trees.

Services We Provide

Tree Care MG provides some special tree services to our customers and assigns the job to specialists who are best at each of the services. We have professional tree doctors and tree surgeons who check the trees and analyze the situation before starting any kind of tree service.

tree removal service macon ga

Tree Removal

This service includes removing trees and shrub gently using equipment. We make sure to keep the place clean and avoid a mess in Macon, Ga.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

This service includes pruning and trimming trees or brush with special equipment. We assign this work to experts who carry out the task very carefully.

stump grinding macon

Slump Grinding

This service includes digging and shredding out tree stumps using a machine. We try not to harm other trees or roots during the process.

Tree Health care and Preservation

Tree Health Care & Preservation

This service includes checking up on tree health and preservation. Our tree doctors will be assigned to take care of your  tree health.

Happy Clients

Some of our customers left valuable comments which motivate us to work harder and provide better service!

Demario Littel​

Georgia Avenue, Macon ga​

“Tree Care MG has provided a great service by trimming down the trees at our backyard in a very professional way. They worked very gently and cleaned up the place by themselves, making our backyard look all fresh and clean.”


"I would love to recommend Tree Care MG to everyone as this company provides professional tree service with great care for the trees"

Jon B. Miranda​

Neal Ave, Macon

Robert I Cox

Corbin Ave, Macon​

I was having a hard time maintaining the trees at my farm area. Tree Care MG took the responsibility and took care of the trees. They can work fast and knows the best for tree health care

Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can ask tree doctors to take a look at your trees to figure out if the trees are healthy. Tree doctors will suggest what to do to keep the trees healthy.

Yes, we have machines and equipment that can be used to trim all kinds of trees, plants, grass, etc.

Tree pruning is a procedure to make your trees grow in the right way to avoid broken branches leaning.

The best time to trim or prune is either before winter (late fall) or after winter during early spring.

We use a Feller buncher which is a motorized machine to cut down trees

After stump grinding, the remaining roots of the trees usually decay naturally. If people prefer, they can remove the roots out of the ground by following a careful procedure to avoid harming the ground.